Krystal Kiran



"Dreams, passion, intention, gratitude, resilience, and a constant student mentality. I believe these are some of the key elements that get you to your desired destination in life. With that being said, it’s great to have goals, but the true beauty in attaining them lies in whether or not you can learn to enjoy the process along the way. As I have learned (and am learning time and time again), what dictates your feelings about your journey is the intention behind your actions."  
- Krystal Kiran, "Entertaining With Intention", Industry Dance Magazine

I am an artist who practices and uses different forms of the performing arts to convey thoughts, feelings and ideas with my audience and students. While each of these art forms are considered to be "different mediums", I continue to experience first-hand how they work cohesively and holistically. Some themes, ideas and explorations in my work include the following:

  1. Performing arts can be utilized as healing methods. They are mediums which allow us to explore and potentially heal unresolved issues or concerns we face in our lives.
  2. The various performing arts are their own language and can be used as modes of communication. When words fail, song, dance and music prevail. 
  3. We have the ability to transcend beliefs and expectations imposed on us by society, family or culture that do not serve our highest good. The process of de-conditioning is a life-long, creative journey that challenges the boundaries of the mind and existence and can be aided by the pursuit of artistic work. Once committed to this journey, we can both individually and collectively achieve ever-lasting transformation(s) within ourselves and experience the world around us in the most honest, healthy, and positive way.
  4. By allowing ourselves to tune into our sensitivities as human beings, including observing and embracing the darker aspects of oneself, we give ourselves permission to practice courage, understanding, humility, compassion, resilience and love not only in our work, but also in our lives.
  5. We all experience darkness at some point in our lives. I believe it's important to. For without darkness we will never experience the light.
  6. Some of the most nuanced performances have been given by performers who have overcome great personal struggle. I believe there is a direct link here.
  7. The performing arts are FUN!

Whether it be through performance, teaching, choreography, directing or mentoring, I look forward to continuing this journey with you. To check out some of my work or services I offer, check out the navigation bar above. Thank you for stopping by and I hope we connect soon!